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Woodsong – Sandy Jones

As a little girl, I was enchanted by Aesop’s fables, fairytales and ancient Greek mythology. My mother spoke Greek fluently. It’s a language of profound meaning, and exquisite beauty. I learned about the Divine Essence of words from her, about the hidden treasure of metaphor, the inspired meaning behind old classic tales. Life is the story of our individual unfolding search for Something Unknown. The discovery of the Real and Sacred Knowing is found within us – awaiting us all. From time began, so many have discovered this Light of Truth and found the words to share their heart’s realizations – each in his own way. Stories awaken us to the Mystery of this Golden Treasure, to search and seek and to find our Divine Self. When we find It, we come Home, we return to this holy Child, this eternal Heart of God, filled with the Infinite Light of dreams and fairytales, magic and wonder. Our whole world is a mystical metaphor, the symbolic resonance of the holy Spirit – nothing is outside of this Light of Knowing. Enchantment brings the midnight moonbeams, confetti colors, and loving kisses, laughter and wine, snowy nights, sounds of the sea and crackling campfires, the heat and light of cosmic cowboys on high flying horses exploring the wild vistas of the Universe, lovers in tune with the music of the spheres, starry nights and pale blue satin, morning’s glittering dew drops of heavenly diamonds sparkling in the sunlight. All of it, all of it God’s Glorious Beauty, dressed in twirling skirts, pink cashmere softness, little girl in cowboy boots dancing under the plum tree, alive to Love’s Unbound Divinity, this Enchanting Magic, the Living Evidence Always with Me

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