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A letter written by William Samuel

Old dogs are wise, wise. They have absorbed thousands of learning experiences, taken many a hard blow, suffered through storms of every kind, yet they smile, lay back their ears in gentle love and wag their tired tails. With worldly wisdom born of experience, an old dog never stops trying to please. Their willingness to forgive never changes old dogs know. They just know. Every thought, human or divine. They know.

One line of a folk song goes something like this: In all the world ain’t nothing worth a single dime except old dogs, and children and watermelon wine. i’ll take the old dogs and dear ones who have become the child again. I’d take a cup of that watermelon wine too, if I could find it.

Our help comes from God. even though it might appear to be from people. God is a very present help in our time of trouble.

This may sound strange but listen carefully. Those of us who have had to fight such problems as you are presently fighting are blessed, not cursed. The Christ said, “Blessed are those who have suffered, for they shall find the truth.” I don’t think anyone would know the light of the day had he never suffered through a dark night. When we learn this, we find our lesson learned. And there is no more need for the anguish. The day I thanked my suffering was day it ended! – Awareness expands until confirmation becomes continuous. That continuity marks the time, telling us we have become the child again. — William Samuel