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Light– Sandy Jones

This Light we are, this is the Light of Life. it cannot go out. Light, the Infinite Light of Being, has no place to go. Why? Because Light, the Light of Life is already everywhere. It is omnipresent. There is no place where it isn’t already being – fully. Brightly. This Light of Life is immeasurable Light. The Light beyond the light we see has no speeds. Omnipresence is everywhere, being everything, already. And it is being Life perfectly. The Light that is present as the Life we are, this moment, is here, shining as our every thought and idea. The Light of Life cannot end, because it never started. What an amazing Mystery this Life is. With the pure eyes of the holy Child, we look behind the scene, to find the Light that Is being the scene. Not so much concerned with the sights and sounds themselves, but looking for what gives rise to the tangible scene. We see the Light beyond. Our eyes are filled with this Illimitable Light, we are the holy Child playing in the Meadow