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Cat on Red -Sandy Jones

Don’t stay too long in the trap of being enamored by your study of non-dualism. Take its wisdom beyond those hard, cold, mesmeric walls that rise nearly to the moon. Find the gentle way. Return to the holy Child, the Real Identity that insists we get over those walls and get up the hill, above the confines of both dualism and non-dualism. Rise up to Living Wonder of All That Is. We learn that non-dualism won’t take us home until and unless we discover the subjective and objective are One whole all inclusive experience of God. The holy Child lives the balance, released from the guilt and arrogance of the adult who has buried the Child. We Know we know, when we uncover the Child as we Live again. The intellectual trap of the subjective teachings is difficult to break free from. The pathway of Love is the most direct way to the Fountainhead. The Child knows the way, whichever way we choose–and no pathway will bring us to the Joy of Knowing and Living It without the Child. So much talk and not much Living. If all the sages and prophets are right, we better do it quickly, because there isn’t much time anymore. Time was never real to start with, so its appearances are sure to end.