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Moonlight Meadow – Sandy Jones

The Child of Eternal Light, unifying message, the particle and the wave. Playful waves of joyful ebb and flow, moving, speaking the truth, informative, Intelligence. Daring myself to live this enchanting beauty, I am lifted beyond the tangible measure to dance with this immeasurable, holy Spirit of Light. The Child is capable of understanding beyond the failing science, beyond those who are unwilling or unable to give the holy secret to the world. The wonders of Love have arrived, honest and real. God’s Presence proves Itself to as each moment of every day. Reality is Real. It Lives as this Life I am, the Life we are, the limitless, omniscient Mind being the heart and soul of you and me. Like the photon, the holy Child we are is untouched by time and matter, fearless and free, everywhere at once. Unseen Reality, divine Principle, the Ineffable, Eternal Mountain Beyond Name, beyond all this we see and be- the holy Child is about to be born in the consciousness of mankind, whether society and its institutions and organizations are ready or not. Here, right here as all that you are, the Light of Life, this Beauty being you.- and that is easy to see.