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Library – Sandy Jones

How graceful to live with the heart open to this Infinite Light of Love that takes us through the night and awakens us to the morning’s Light. How joyful it feels with the doors and windows wide open to the heavenly Kingdom that is Always here, comforting us and bringing the cool fresh air of a new day. A new day, a mystical, perfect new day. Seems that with this wonderment in our heart, how can we go wrong? And so, in this gentle Light of Life, this Knowing childlike faith and Its Peace within, I will let this tranquillity be with me. I could not do otherwise. This holy Presence is alive, right here, in all I see. It is what I know, so for now, I will stay with this tender feeling of Beauty, peace, here in this place of holy delights – for now, for now, my beautiful now.