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I am surrounded by this sweet love, this tender beauty. Heaven on earth without a doubt, filled with a peace that is here. I am lifted up and over the high bar, lifted into the real world, the Living Light of this unbound Truth. There is no fear and no need for acceptance here. We all know these wonderful insights that glimmer with what is honest and true. Those glimpses of Light come to us and bring us peace. Those are the workings of the Spirit of God. When our divine heritage is revealed. I am led back to the sanctity of this divine mystery, knowing my way home. I am aware of this soft, gossamer beauty that abides in this sanctuary, here, treasure within my heart. The sacred heart, living crucible of eternal Light opens Itself to this divine authority, the only real authority, Godhead, the very Life I am, the very Life that Is here – here within and it leads the way.