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Starlight -Sandy Jones

Best to find the Real Identity, the Light of the holy Child. We are not a mortal body that contains life. Knowing this, we let go the illegitimate belief that presumes we are separate from God. We find our Real Identity and we are able to live this joyful calm, no matter what we have or don’t have, no matter what’s happening in the world around us. Even as the media belches and bellows that the world is ending, we find ourself happily living this holy Presence of Being. We stay Here, right Here with this Peace that comes with knowing the Real Self-I-Am. This Heart-Child is the Third “I” of Life’s holy Trinity. The Child Lives this Light of Understanding, meeting the demand of the moment with wisdom and the absence of fear. This Light of Being is not taken in by the world-wide hysteria. There is a True and Real authority within us, It speaks from the Heart of honest Knowing. This effortless Self-satisfaction we find comes as the Realization we are That Which Is complete and perfect Spirit. This Awareness-me exists, and It is my happy privilege to behold the Infinity of Being. It proves itself by the very Living of It.