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Evening Light – Sandy Jones

Truth isn’t bound to meet human expectations, nor to make sense to us. Truth is not beholden to the precepts of reason and beliefs that humans live by. Truth, God, Reality includes reason and logic, Divine Mind is Transcendent. We are God’s Self-knowing Awareness Living Its evidence as this seeming material-birth-death time in the world.. Though we are in Reality the Self-knowing Awareness of God’s Being. It is wonderful to know that no human, no other, and no ‘global world order’ can trap, cage, limit, determine, harm, imprison, tame, confine nor control this Living Mystery that God Is. And God is All – there is no other, despite what others think. God’s Presence is Here and God’s Presence Transcends Its All Inclusive Totality. God the Reality incomprehensible to human reason. When we discover our Real Identity, we realize we are God’s Living Light of Awareness, seeing and being right here in this world. The Soul, the holy Child of us is balanced between the appearances of matter and time while fully in touch with this Awareness, Here and Now. We are the Infinite Timeless Light of Life, we are the Love that Life Is. This Beginning will Always Be