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Autumn Afternoon – Sandy Jones

Open to Life It whispers to me softly on the gentle breeze, the honest word of sunlight’s golden reflections dance in shadows through the windows. This holy magic knowing you are mine and I am yours. Life is here, and I am here – I cannot be another Life. The cool air touches me and this Life I am sinks softly, deeper into the All. I am ever here and I belong to no other than This Infinite bliss, this sweet pleasure I feel. Go in the other direction, making love to this Life, open, unafraid to Live the uninhibited holiness of my Soul, my Being. Where else could Life be more beautiful than Here, Now, Living Eternity’s own existence, Self to Self, lovers in Love. Remarkable and Inexplicable. Giving myself freely to this One That Is the Life I am, entering the bridal chamber, in Holy Matrimony, anointed by the orange blossoms blessed sweetness. Love. This One faithful and true fully knowing I am. Willing, joyfully I go this way and It takes me in.