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Piano – Sandy Jones

We are the Living entwinement of Spirit and Matter. In this mystical alchemy of divine union, the Spirit of God’s Mind and the Life we are, are two that are One. The Invisible Silent Light of Divine Intelligence is being the visible light of this world and all that God includes within Its Self-Awareness. The Infinite Mind functions as this world we see, right here, as this Self-knowing Awareness we are. We are the Awareness of God looking around at God’s qualities and attributes of Itself. It is All That Is. There is really no other Here. Nothing but the Divine on the scene, seen and seeing. We are Living this miracle of Love. This Light of Infinite Mind is the joyful Knowing Universe. We are the unfolding Light, revealing Something More, Something Wondrous, here in the wild, sacred heart of our Self, living in the land of ten thousand things. You can see clearly that You are the whole Awareness within which All people appear–furthermore, all that appears to supply these people ALSO appeasr within and AS the gentle awareness you are. Let this lightness of delight and the insight of Knowing lift my heart with the Wonder of this Truth. Life holds me close as this Awareness-I-Am, My beloved world the holy Living of Me.