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Morning Light – Sandy Jones

Everything, everything that is – is God’s unending measureless Light. It’s pouring in, pouring out, being all that Is, all that you are and all you see. Whether we know it or not, it makes no difference to this Infinite Presence That Is. That’s Love, that’s the Way of Love, It is here whether we care or not, notice or not. Yet, it makes a most magnificent difference in our life when we do realize this Living Presence is being the Life we are. We see our whole world in a new Light and everything is filled with the fresh wonders this Love. How very remarkable Life is. We can feel this Living Presence when we open Heart to see with our Heart. The Heart can see. And when we do, we are released, set free to Live this Light of Understanding that Is being All That Is – and All That we are. Gently this little shift in perception, so very slight it is – and so very profound – this everyday world has now become wholly extraordinary.