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Buttercups – Sandy Jones

When the solipsistic (internal) nature of the universe really begins to dawn within, we become aware of how our attitude and thinking plays a part in the entire world scene—even the universe. Yes, the universe is within consciousness and so are we. However, as Lao Tse points out, “The world is already a perfect vessel and whoever tries to improve it, spoils it.” – And we have certainly seen that happening. As the authoritarian tyrants seem to be causing more of a mess while thinking they can solve all the problems. Problems are the way of the Life, they teach us to find the Real Solution, which is always about the Inner Peace of Self-realization and Loving What Is. The proliferating problems in the world have actually been created by the very government, leaders and so called authorities that created this mess in the first place. And society is trusting those same deluded clowns to fix the very mess they caused in the first place. They are not God, but they do think they are. The more they fix things, the worse things get. I tend to think it’s a good idea to not get mixed up in any of this. I’ll live open to the Light of Truth, knowing the answers come when I find this sweet state of mind and open my heart, to Live at Peace with Life. I will stick with Lao Tse and rest in this Intangible, Immeasurable, illimitable, Presence of God. In this Understanding I will stay clear of anyone’s additional problem solving agendas.