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China Cove Sunset – Sandy Jones

If we are very fortunate, something happens and we discover that the Self we are is eternal. We realize it very directly; our Life is not “in” the body. We are Life Itself, and this Life we are isn’t born and never dies. There is no other Isness than Life. There is Only One Life and It is All That Is. Without the fear of death, we find the Joy of Living. Our existence becomes rich and wonderful. Yes, we see bodies come into the world and we see them leave this world, but there is a gift and an insight of the Heart that unveils the Mystery. It tells us very clearly our Identity is not in the body. Our Identity is forever Here, Always here, because Identity IS Life and Life never dies. Life has no opposite. This Awareness we are belongs to God/Life alone. God and God’s Awareness is being All That Is. This One Illimitable Life includes the appearances of opposites, but This One and Only Isness has no opposite. Identity is Awareness being you and me – right here and now. This is our eternal Reality. We are the heart, the soul, the spirit, the holy Child, now and forever.