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Logo Sketch -Sandy Jones

From Understanding comes the freedom to live and to love, carefree and happy, like a child. Enjoying the profound wonders of my own being. We find our Self to be the Life that God Is. There is no other Self here. And we find the Spirit of an Invincible Joy. We are no longer restricted by the confining, limited, uninspired, stale, lifeless human beliefs and expectations. We are untouched by the ever-changing valueless, wayward human chatter. Knowing our Real Identity, we come out from under the influence social thought manipulation that is clearly out of tune. I will stay with the harmonious beauty of this Ineffable’s Self-perception that Lives as the Eternal Love Song being Me. Feeling the music of Life, harmony blends as sounds of Truth. I am singing along with this Infinite Song That-I-Am dancing with the Presence of Here and Now. The heart sees and feels the unbridled delight. I do not live here. Here lives within Me.