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Sailing– Sandy Jones

In this moment there is only Living the simple honest being that Identity is. We find within us this pure nature of ourself. The Soul that is like the photon, everywhere at once. We can live in this world, balanced in knowing our Real Identity. This Unbound holy Child, is our Divine Imprint. It’s an inner guidance written in our Heart. We find our way through the world, knowing what to do and how to do it. Do you remember those early days when you bounded with innocent enthusiasm and imagination, before doubts and distrusts became a controlling over-riding factor? I know that we can find that happiness, that innocent, tender loving joy once again. Even if you had an unhappy childhood, makes no difference. That Real Self of you, the holy Child is within you, unharmed and ready to be up and out. In fact, those with the unhappy childhood seem to rediscover the original spirit sooner than the pragmatic and those with the joyful, unchallenged childhood. Anyone of us can make this grand Rediscovery and its refinement. It is surely, and merely, the wish to live again – and we can.