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Flower Bath – Sandy Jone

Call it what you want; enlightenment, illumination, freedom, self-realization, but anyone of us can discover and Live this Light of Reality. It is our divine heritage. It is already within our heart, waiting to be uncovered. We can leave the dogma, indoctrination and the political and spiritual dictates behind. We find our own true Light which is the divine authority within us. We finally understand the exclusivity and arrogance of unyielding creeds and ideologies that discourage the individual’s freedom to climb to the top of the Mountain where our all inclusive freedom is revealed. We make the climb alone, Individually, willing and trusting in our own Heart. We set ourself free from the controlling groups that are tenaciously holding to the old ways, the old beliefs, telling us we are incapable of knowing what is right and true. But we can be free through the realization of this Divine Light we are. As Catherine of Sienna said, out of grand enlightenment, “My me is God…. Nor do I see any other me but my God himself.” She is quite right. We claim our divine heritage, we Live It and shout it from the roof-tops. We are the Light of Life, each and all have this Divine Imprint, right here, right now, written in our Heart. It is indeed a world of Love –