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Strawberry Day – Sandy Jones

We come into this world fresh, pure and innocent, wide-open to this experience of the Unknown. However, very soon we begin to lose this bright, unbound wonder and holy beauty of our original nature. Imperceptibly, that pure essence of our being gets covered over and forgotten. But I know we can rediscover, uncover this pure, fearless Spirit. We can find this Sacred Gem, the Divine Spark of this holy Child once again. And when we find it for the second time, we see clearly what is not true – as we Live the Illimitable Joy of What Is. Here is the genuine magic and mystery beyond this world, the holy Center of us that listens to the sounds within our Heart. When this holy Child returns to us, the old mistaken precepts vanish in the Light of this Living, Self-knowing Awareness. We are, once again, the unbound Spirt, innocent, alive with wonder, lifted up, released. We are no longer subject to the powerless images, the false beliefs that clouded the Truth of our Real Identity and divine Freedom. The rediscovery of the holy Child is our second chance. This time we experience our Life as the unbound, joyful Spirit in the Light of Truth. The fearless freedom of that pristine Child comes back, bold and brave and beautiful, creative and inspired, living again, wide open, completely in love, right here in the world.