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Yellow Chair – Sandy Jones

It’s nice to be here in this body, as we experience this world and discover our Real Identity. When we find our Real identity, we also realize that if we’re born into this time-space world, this body will one day die. That’s the inevitable trip, apparently. However, the good news is that we don’t have to fear death, because we are not the body. We are Life and Life does no die. We have an everlasting body-self that transcends matter and time, moves on with us when we leave this world. It’s a perfect, supernal and wondrous Self, right here, right now. This realization is our freedom to Live fully and fearlessly in this world. To discover the holy Child we are, made in the image of God, is to find this abiding Peace. We let go the old beliefs and false precepts, to Live again, refreshed by this Infinite Love, feeling the Wonders and Mystical Peace of our own fearless freedom, right here in the world. No longer subject to the appearances of time and matter, we can live again, play, laugh, go easy, enjoy the ride through this world. Ooooh that’s just so epic. Mmmm yes, it is. Without fear, we know what Love is. Living this Love is to live the Everlasting joy of this Mystical Peace we are here to be.