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Bath Flowers – Sandy Jones

I have found the carefree beauty, the wind swept spirit of my Real Identity. This Identity is not bound to meet human expectations. But I see no reason to prop up ‘what is not and never was.’ For me, the inner vision of heaven has been tried, tested and proven. I have no need to be anywhere else but Here. This is heaven, right here, right where I am. Here and Now, in the All Inclusive Light of God as the holy Child-I-Am. God is still a mystery to me, but the Self-I-am, made in the perfect Image of God, grows clearer every day. I am my own tangible confirmation of this Truth. And this Joy of realization carries us up as we move on with God. One does not have to be shaken if he moves on with God–but he will be destroyed if he doesn’t. The Light of Truth reveals that we are not and never were bound to the old patterns that belong to the devilish selfhood that exists only in belief. We understand the reasons for the experience, then we let it go – we are set free. The holy Child is the Real of ourself, pure, carefree, knowing with absolute certainty Its Divine Nature – that’s It. Now we know God’s Reality is One and Only Presence of this Identity we are. It proves Itself faithful as we Live It.