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Whipped Cream – Sandy Jones

Everything becomes new, all the sorrows and burdens fall away. The past is gone. Whatever the anguish, it disappears, vanishing into the mystery as gently as the night moves into morning light. We see it for ourself. This is It, there is no doubt we have been transformed. Thi holy Child is Immutable, made in the perfect image of God. It transcends time and matter. Any guilt or blame we might carry, has no authority Here – none at all. The burdens vanish when we find this Light of our Self. This Child is pristine, attuned to understanding and lives as the Presence of God’s heavenly Light. We have lived this holy Light from the beginning. We have existed for ten billion light years into Infinity – and not one iota of our Identity has ever been subject to matter, time or death. The Child, our Original Nature is forever fresh, alive, sensitive, responsive, knowing what to do and how to do it, right here in the world. We are this Immeasurable Light of the Universe. This grand and marvelous freedom comes in realizing the powerlessness of things – and then living this Truth. Where are the brave? We can test it and prove it to ourself. Realizing our holy heritage, we take hold and run with it. We break free and we Live the wonders of all that we are.