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Oliver with Cats – Sandy Jones

The World is like a Cosmic Egg and we are It’s Original Seed. Now the Universe is ready to give birth. The old ways inside the eggshell have come to an end. The egg is cracking open, the divine time is now. We are feeling the push toward the vision that shines through the broken Shell. We see how the human institutions are trying to hold us back from this quantum emergence into the fullness of our destined Selfhood and the knowledge of our Divine Heritage. The small glimmer of Light reveals the social and political chaos, the lies and deception, the fear and control are a result of the limited view from inside shell. The human institutions, government, religions, and everything that society gave value to, we now see as powerless, unreliable and worthless. And now this moment arrives, the Cosmic Clock switched on – the Egg is cracking open. We are emerging into the Light, to find ourselves Living LIfe’s vast expanse of Love, Freedom and Truth. Something New is happening. It’s time to break out of the enclosed, limited view and to Live as the full Joy of our Original Nature we are here to be. All of this in perfect order, designed by the Infinite, Changeless, Immeasurable Light of Divine Intelligence