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7th and Francis Street – Sandy Jones

Seeing it and being It, all in new light, testing it by putting on the Truth and Living what you know. Now you’re ready for this. You leap in and Live this truth of your Real Identity. In doing this, your wish comes true. We are the Living Fairytales, the Greek myths. Life speaks through this world of allegory. The Universe is the appearing images of God’s Intelligence. We can read Life as the metaphorical language of this Infinite Mind. We are on the way to Self discovery. There is something divine in this mirth we feel when we hear a joke that is funny but painfully, accurately true. God is ironic, and irony is a brilliant teacher. Life is playing with us, bringing us back to Reality through this metaphorical saga that we think is real. Then gratefully, eventually, to realize it is a wonderful play, and all the characters are perfectly cast in this epic tale of our own metamorphosis. Coming alive again, each, to one day unfold our wings of wondrous beauty, to become the butterfly, freely playing in this wide open wild flower field of our own Eternity.