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Daylight -Sandy Jones

And I know, or I might say, I’ve learned in my life that I’m free to enjoy this sweet world, just as it is. I can make that choice, it’s true. And I choose to be open to the whole entire mystery of this amazing experience. Especially now, more than ever. Now, seeing it all unraveling out there, and the brave opening up to Life’s unpredictable, untamed random beauty and wild ways. I am more in Love than ever. I am in love with this holy spirit of freedom, the freedom of knowing that it really makes no difference what we do or don’t do, what we know or don’t know. I love that. That’s the Way Reality is, and I love the Ways of This Reality that stands here watching Its Self-reflections shimmering in the Light of Its own perfect Knowing. This extraordinary experience of whatever it is, wherever we are, all this clearly indicates that nothing can change this Hallelujah Song nor stop It from singing the sounds of this very Life we are. I’ll play this magical game, take my chances, be willing and fall in love with all the wonders, delights and perils of this bittersweet beauty of Reality’s exquisite Ways.