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Fanny’s St. Tropez – Sandy Jones

This song of freedom sings from the heart of the Child we are. This Child is directly connected to the Light of Divine Intelligence, the One and Only Real Authority, as the All in all. This holy Child is our eternal Soul, our Original Identity, pristine, innocent, unharmed and free. The second coming of Christ happens for each of us as we uncover and resurrect this Christ-Child Light that was buried deep within. The holy Child understands what Love is and that Love sets us free. Many of us are leaving behind the old precepts and conditioning based in the materialistic view. We are to find this new Understanding that will challenge the leaders of human government and the authoritarian religions with their ancient creeds and dogmas that have been clearly outgrown. This humanly ungovernable Child within us will be up and out very soon, and when it is, every organization will be reorganized – because the Child within us is already free of human government, living and moving and having Its being in our heart of Hearts.