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The Library – Sandy Jones

When I was very young, my mother, who loved to read, would take me to the library with her. I remember it well – I would sit in the children’s book section on a little chair and look through all the books, the pictures, the colors, the print. I recall the scent of the turning pages, enchanted by this delectable fun, my little stack of books to take home with me. The library was in an old casita, which, back then, was a common architecture in Southern California. The small abode, on a street just behind the elementary school, had that magical smell and musty flavor lingering on the moist ocean air. The wooden floors, the small space between the shelves of books, wedged tight, me and the silence, the quiet sounds, close, all of it touching my senses, filling me with mystery and delight. How dear the memories of childhood. And now, all these years later the Joy and Wonder of that little girl’s spirit has returned to me. This time I know this is the enlightenment I’d sought, joyful and fearless – the mist vanishes and the holy Child shows me the kingdom of heaven, right here on earth. The Child is the Way, bringing us Illumination and Understanding, making all things new. We find this Original Self and we find our Heart is filled with all we need – the living Presence of God’s Awareness. We are this sparkling joy of the Eternal Wellspring of Life, the ever flowing Light of God Itself. There is no other here. We find this Realization through the Innocence and wholeness of the holy Child – and we Live again, fully and fearlessly right here in the world.