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Morning Light – Sandy Jones

Something marvelous keeps me lifted up to feel, know and live this Light of Freedom. I can’t keep it hidden, it shines so bright. Freedom is the very Life we are. Freedom is the Illimitable Unseen Light of our own Self-knowing Reality. We find It and we know who we are. Oh, there is no doubt. As this Light, we know we are not bound to the limited views of time and matter. From this higher vista we see time and matter are nothing real, nothing substantial. We break the spellbinding false beliefs, limited concepts and come to realize we are one with this Infinite Living Presence of Divine Mind. And glory hallelujah, there is no personal little life inside a body that is separate from Life the Illimitable All That Is. Nothing Real is harmed by this time-space experience. Realizing our True Nature, knowing that our boundless Real Self is unrestricted by time, we open our Self to LIVE Life in this fearless Love that has found us. This Love is flexible, strong, agile, moving joyfully upon the waves of this glorious and Infinite Mystery, the Divine Presence that moves all things. Now that we see and know our Real Identity, we Live this Living Joy of our Self, the holy Child’s freedom – It is the ungoverned and ungovernable Living Heart of Truth and Reality.