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Sunset China Cove -Sandy Jones

We can find this sweet calm within us, it is the peace that comes with the re-discovery of our Original Nature, the holy Child. Do you remember the tranquillity you felt while watching the beauty and light upon the glassy waters shining in the evening sunset? It was a sense a deep stillness. I recall those lovely moments, watching the changing dusk sky, while looking across the channel. Those magic feelings can be found again, for all of us. It happens within us. We find the holy Child within us and It brings to us this same peace and radiance we felt in those days long ago. It is still here, It still lives – just like the Light that was shining on a summer day at the beach. We find this Inner Light of Love and Its Timeless beauty that is everywhere at once. The Light from a trillion years ago is still here, the same Light, ageless, unchanged from the beginning of forever, always here. The Eternal Light is the Light of the Child I am, the same holy Child you are. One Light-Ever Present being ALL That Is. It returns to us, guileless, pure, to sail with us upon the deep sea of this sacred Presence. Now we live again, delighted by the unfolding colors, magenta waters sparkling in the sunshine, floating on the laughter of God’s frolicking photons. The enchanting, changing sky adorned in a pink hazy afternoon. The dusty shimmering evening comes, warmed by soft sounds of love that play upon the airwaves of our heart, as this everlasting Mystery is slowly bedecked, adorned in twinkling diamonds as the heavens are dressing the black silken midnight in lacy starlight