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Remember WhenSandy Jones

As this Unpossessed Awareness, we are not fooled by the appearances, the images within Awareness. All organized religions, governments, groups, political or scientific institutions – like everything else – are powerless images within Awareness. It makes no difference to God and God’s Awareness whether we think those images perceived as people, places and things – are good or bad. The Truth is, we are not subject to any images within Awareness. Our Real and Eternal Identity is this Unbound Presence, the Awareness that belongs to God Itself. We come to understand that God really IS the All in all and there is no other Awareness but God’s Alone, Here and Now. As this Light of Awareness we are unconcerned with the actions of others. The actions of others cannot change, alter, harm or eliminate this Awareness that is Being ALL That Is. This Immutable Awareness is the Light and Life being You and Me – Knowing This, we find and Live our Everlasting Peace and Freedom, right here in the world, despite the chaos and insanity. Knowing our Real identity, we are no longer influenced by the clap-trap, distorting, thwarting efforts and non-sense perpetrated by controlling groups of people who refuse to see their own Divine Light. You and I know who we are, so we Live this Light of Truth fearlessly, right here in the world of appearances. We Live this Truth and this Truth bubbles over into our world, uncovering this Light Truth for all.