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Sunset Ojai Valley Inn – Sandy Jones

Although our world appears to be solid and objective, it’s not. Our world is subjective; the reflections of God’s Mind. Like a chimerical rainbow, a divine glittering prism of Unseen Light that radiates God’s infinite spectrum of Itself. Or consider it a mirage, a gleaming pool of water on the sands of a desert and as we get closer, we find there is nothing there. The ancient wise men knew the mystical ways of this world. Now science is coming close to admitting this Truth as well. They will say Life is Consciousness and we have been examining the Mind of God, which is the Living Light of our Self. But you and I already know who we are. We know we are the Light of Life. We have found the holy Child and broken free. No longer fooled by the false concepts. No longer slave to the fear perpetrated by the dictates of governments that refuse to let go erroneous beliefs as they instigate ever more control. No, we are leaving all that foolish blather, to find the divine inheritance within us and Live It our way. We are the Living Mind of God, shining right here, now and always. We see the pink rays and azures of Love’s glory that beams Its joyous beauty in the evening sunset. Life is unbidden and seeping out of the Infinite Mind of God, this holy Life we are. I am in love with this fearless Child’s heart that has returned to me. Oh listen, can you hear those little birds in the garden – listen to the their happy songs of joyful praise