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Bluebird Songs – Sandy Jones

A quantum confirmation of Love is happening one by one. We recognize the transcendent vision as Real – and a holy transaction within us takes place. This recognition of a divine union between the Ineffable and You causes the old, restricting beliefs to fall away. Nothing will change through struggle or effort. We learn that Love does not force or control anyone or anything. God is Love and God is All. We are the Pristine Identity before we were born – that Identity is still here – and It goes with us when we leave this world. It’s the holy Child that we thought we left behind those years ago, the unconditioned Mind, the timeless Soul. It can be found again. We have access to this Living Knowledge, the visionary detail and depth of Intelligence that a life time of study and education could never accomplish. Trusting, feeling, living from this willing place, our very world begins glimmering with this gentle grace of Light. We discover our Wholeness as the walls of fear come down. We see beyond indoctrination and materialism and we are free – unbound and free. We accept our divine heritage, take It and Live It, then, Joy of joys, it proves Itself true.