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Songs – Sandy Jones

Sometimes it’s helpful to realize that this world scene of people, places and things are something more like pixels and God is creating a story, a moving picture on the screen of Itself Being. God is the Unseen Light behind the passing scene. We are the Living Ideas, expressions of God’s Infinite Mind. We are less the objective, tangible masters in control of this passing scenery and more like the metaphorical Infinite qualities and attributes of our own Self-discovery playing out in God’s virtual reality. This discovery tells us we are not the pixel, we are one with this Light upon which all things move and have there being. This is the realization that sets us free. This Insight releases us from the old materialist beliefs and the fears incumbent upon those beliefs. The Real of us is Everlasting Light. There is only One Light here. There has never been another. This pixel image is not our Real Identity. We discover our Original Selfhood and we transcend the scene. We are no longer subject to the old mistaken objective world view. We become the Idealist, fully aware of the Truth that our holy Identity Lives as the Light of God. Released from the prison of a mistaken world view, we are given the Unbound Joy of no worries. It’s all the action of the Divine, doing what it does for good reason. And that’s the Way.