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Sailing – Sandy Jones

There are days when the sea breeze shifts direction and makes it’s way into the Ojai valley. On those days I can feel the ocean in the air and taste it’s cool, moist, saltiness. It takes me back to my childhood. I grew up living only a few blocks from the ocean. I love that ocean air and today is one of those days. Isn’t it wonderful how the weather is always changing, always on the move, always coming up with surprises. Everyday is new, alive, fresh and never the same as the day before. Change is one thing that is consistent about Life. I love that. Though the Soul is immortal, we are still, nonetheless, experiencing this time oriented, incorrect sense of self, the mistaken mortal-body of appearances. But the Love we are is Changeless. Knowing this makes me love the adventure even more. It’s all very beautiful when seen with the eyes of the Heart. We are Living the extraordinary Presence of God’s Absolute Isness. We find we cannot hold on to anything while we are living this mistaken belief in the three dimensional story. So we give up, knowing control is not Love and holding on is no use. We find the sweet, resilient holy Child of Inner Balance and we move with this exquisite Beauty, riding the waves of this Changeless Presence of God’s Infinite possibilities