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Piano – Sandy Jones

Life is the Living Music, the Song in our heart, the Song that communicates with feeling. We know God through this feeling within our Soul. God is Love and Love is a feeling. Music feels the lyrics. Feeling thoughts is the alchemy of words blended together just right. Songs are a Sonic experience, harmonic experience. Music is a metaphorical language – and a direct line to experience what ever those lyrics might be. Words can strike a chord, hit a certain note that opens the heart to feeling this Living experience of God, Life Itself. This melodious beauty blends within our heart to feel Life’s rhythm of Love. I’m not sure if you know that you shall forever be a sparkling gift to me. That you just sort of showed up in the magic of the night. I am in love with every exciting moment, riding the waves of divine Life’s unfolding perfection. The holy mystery and magic re-lit the fire, the flame, the divine pleasure of being in love again. Beauty blooms full, dancing, laughing, loving. This Celestial Song of God loves to laugh, loves to be in love, loves this magnetic desire of our own alluring otherness. Nothing complicated. We fall in love with our Self, the Holy of Holies. Feeling the Wondrous Journey of God’s own dynamic Action. How extraordinary to be living this most amazing, fabulous musical play. We are a rock concert, an unending symphony of Love. Open to the splendorous notes and chords of this sacred, ongoing arrangement. We are playing in harmony with the vibrant tunes of Life – thunderous timpani of moving ecstasy, the rhapsody of this Living composition.