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“Magic Moment” Sandy Jones

Seems we are shifting from the objective, evolutionary, material-tangible view of Life, to a more all inclusive Understanding of the subjective quantum-Divine Intelligence view. Realizing there is no life, truth or substance in matter is not an easy shift to make, albeit, a necessary one. Eventually most will begin to see the way to navigate all this change. It won’t be found in our leaders or in governments and political policies. We are letting go of the old mistaken beliefs that are based upon a false premise. Now we realize there is only One Mind here, It is Single, Only and All. It is Divine Mind and Its Awareness is Primary and Total. All else, matter, time, measurable objective “things” are appearances within this Infinite Mind of God. You and I, we are One with this Living Light of this Ever Present Awareness. We are NOT made of matter or time. The Real of us, the True Nature, Original Pure Heart was never born and will never die. We can Live this Knowing right here in the world, sweet and easy, when we uncover, re-discover the Original Self, the pristine, unconditioned holy Child we are. The Child of Light, the Messiah within us all, is the absolute, immutable Cornerstone. Knowing our Real Identity we Live this unbound, carefree Joy right here in the world. Now free, standing on our two feet, having found the Real Authority within us – we have left the fear behind as we Live this Knowing Light as the holy Child we are.