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Each of us on our own unfolding journey of Self-discovery as we blossom into knowing – and knowing we know. To enjoy the wonders of this divine garden of life, the heart of the holy Innocence we are, filled with the joy of living, alive and fearless like the little child of fairy-forest delights. Life blooms, Life always blooms anew. Even when humans try to control it, repress, restrain, confine, refine – Life remains untouched, unbound and free. We can thank the storms, the winds, the honey bees, the blessed rapture of this ongoing Mystery. Life conspires to Live It’s Joyful bounty of magical zeal, zest and lusty desires that will not be daunted. We cannot stop the sunshine, the light that warms the earth to open the seeds and push them upward toward the light. Love is the Way of All That Is. Love conspires with all that is natural and true within our heart as we open to Life’s unbound, ongoing glorious Allness. The open Heart links to Love’s Living Presence. Receiving this Divine Information, one by one, we come alive again, fully living the Glorious Joy of knowing the holy Child of ourself. We are on a magical journey filled with this sweet and guileless beauty of the divine, the childlike innocent wonder of complete understanding