Posted by on Apr 17, 2021 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Glimmering Light

As long as I listen to my own heart and stay true to my self – at this point everything becomes self-evident. Understanding What Is becomes very clear now. The clarity is beyond the landscapes of this conventional view of Life, but it brings everything in this world up to this place within the Heart that is much sweeter and easier. Perhaps because the space within has become so full and rich, vast and unending. We are Life Itself and Life is Infinite, flowing, moving gently like a harmonious love song. I move with It, in tune with the Great Tao and Its Music of the Spheres. No one can really be less than this Infinite Light of Understanding. We turn around and see that we are living It right here in the world, always. Letting go the indoctrination, the old precepts and narrow-minded beliefs about Life, the mist falls away. Who we are is standing right here, pure, free, unharmed by the world’s mistaken precepts. We return to the unconditioned Self, our Original Self before time, before the world was. This is our Living Beauty, and It is still here within our heart. We open our Heart to Life Itself, we become an open door through which this Joyful Song of Life comes through – and flows out into our world. Now the old world is seen in this new light, fresh, living, whole, unbound and gloriously sublime. Reflections of love glimmering within this holy sanctuary of my heart and seen as the gleaming twinkling divine Light in your ever-so-lovely eyes.