Posted by on Mar 11, 2021 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Wonder

Late last night I woke to the sound of rain. I love when it rains here. I like to sleep with my bedroom windows open. I love the feel of the cool night air while I am snuggled under my fluffy down comforter, cosy and warm. The sound of rain was soft and gentle and this morning is sweet and fresh. The garden is turning green and a few pink blossoms on the trees are beginning to show. Love comes, Joy comes to our open heart. I won’t ever close my heart to Life. I will live my fearless inspiration of this childlike Soul. It has opened me up to a whole new world. Life is a wild and wonderful joy ride. I’ll take the curves and bumps as they come. I can see the magic behind it all, the mystery of Wonder and It’s Illimitable Presence. I will keep myself wide open to Life. I’ll keep this flame within my heart lit bright and burning with warm inspiration. I see no reason to acquiesce to the mistaken limits of human belief. There is nothing inspired, fresh, living or new in the limited, erroneous dogma of fear and materialism. Truth is we are bright and holy individuals. Each of us, the exquisite, unique, perfect expression of God’s Infinite Self-knowing Awareness. Our origins are divine in nature and each the one, the only, a solely, single Identity in direct communion with the Divine. Heart to heart, One to one, each in union with the Originator of our individual Soul. The You and Me of God. Nothing in me will submit to the limited material, institutionalized concepts that have been accepted, perpetuated and believed as truth. We find this Inner Light, the holy Child we are and Live Its direct union with the Infinite Mind of God. And as we Live It, straight and true, It never fails to prove Itself to us.