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The Meadow by Sandy Jones

Taking the wandering path, leaving the restricted roads of the old world behind. I assure you, there is nothing to fear here. We let this pure heart of knowing lead us on through the open gate. Astounded by the beauty of this Meadow where the sunlight shines bright and warm. Flowers and trees, we breath the sweet fragrance and remember this place. We have been here before, we feel the freedom with happy hearted delight. Alive with eager excitement at the wonder of this magical new day. The old sense of self steps aside, we run free, heart open, in love and unconcerned, watching the shadows dancing in the Light. Here it is, the kingdom of heaven is within. We feel the fresh, lush beauty, inhale the sweet air. Immersed in the richness of this heavenly land of salvation. Filled with the breath of our own beloved, sacred, willing beauty. Lying in the meadow, arms out-stretched, looking up at the white clouds moving above. Gently resting in the simple faith of God’s completeness – we wait and see. This Infinite garden of flowers and light returns to us. We were never bound by the world’s concerns. There is no time. We’ve always been the grand delight of Undiminishing Life. Now, now, here, where we are – we find ourselves in these wild flower fields of Love’s sublime simplicity.