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Sunset China Coveby Sandy Jones

If you want to live a generously nourished life, one filled with love, prosperity, health, beauty, wisdom – you can, you know. It’s all within you. Do it for you, and you do it for All. The Unbound Joy of Life won’t be found through government, politics, and all the erroneous edicts promoted by the collective organizations. Government, politics, religions, leaders, gurus, authorities and organizations of all kinds are in the business of power and profit through creating fear, control and subjugation. You see, if these organizations spoke the Truth and advocated freedom, individuality, and told you of your Unbound divine power, your Real Identity and the joy of Living this holy Mystery- that would put them out of business. They would lose their members, their power, control and profits. When we discover and take our Inner Authority back, and start living our own Creative Beauty, right here in the world, it is a very powerful action. It changes the world. We find the holy Child and Live It. This causes a quantum action in the world. The Individual, here within, holds the Real Power. As each of us discovers and Lives our Original Nature, our Divine Heritage, we become fearless, pure and free. This lifts others to this Light – the ones we love and our communities. One by one, we do this, alone, within our heart. We change from within, and we look around and everything is changed for the better. In touch with the Living Presence, In Spirit, knowing our Real Identity – a Mysterious thing happens – and we see Its Beauty shine for All.