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The abundant proliferation of lies and fear will awaken many to the Truth. One by one, we are discovering our Real Identity, knowing that we are not material, mortal beings with life inside a body. Each will come to know the Truth, to see there is only One Consciousness Here, and this sense of Identity belongs to God and God Alone. Divine Mind is Being the Life of All That You Are. There is no ‘other’ Self here. We find the Truth, and indeed we are set free. The Real Self, this Illimitable Mind we are is forever and always this Unbound Freedom, never subject to time and matter. Nothing can really protect or save what is not real. What Is Real needs no protection from Itself. Life Itself is All That Is and It does not die. We are this Life, we are this Self-Knowing Light of God’s Awareness. God is Untouched by the transient events, time and things happening within this Isness of Divine Awareness. Hallelujah, there is nothing to fear. The Light dawns and we discover what is not real and never was. All the lies, fear, panic and hysteria have no power in Reality. We will awaken to the Light of Truth. When we know what is not true – we are free to Live the Unbound joyful Truth of the Real and Everlasting Life we are