Posted by on Mar 11, 2021 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Morning Light

God shines Its holy mystery everywhere. Its limitless morning light sparkling through the trees outside my bedroom windows. The sweet fragrance of orange blossoms dance through the cool soft air as the glittering sunlight awakens me. Everything touching me with the bounty and abundance of God’s creation roundabout, filled with the living Light of this world of mine. This sacred Universe runs over the edges of Its own Infinite chalice where I receive Its taste of honeyed nectars. How glorious this boundless evidence of Divine Presence showing Itself as All That Is. To be the delectable prize of Its conquest, knowing the pleasure of surrender, open and giving to this victorious Illuminative Experience. Embraced by this holiness, feeling Its dynamic force, the surge and synergy that penetrates and lights my soul on fire. A mightier mystery how such a simplicity cannot be put into words, and emotions can’t be kept from the words this knowing engenders.