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Blue Vase by Sandy Jones

This third step is essential if you really want to Live this Light of Truth you are seeking. It is a return to the holy Child within us. This Child is able to see both the subjective precepts and the material objective beliefs- both – in a whole new Light. The Child unbinds us from denying the material world and sets us free from the trap of emptiness in the arrogant pronouncements that there is no self. When we find the holy Child, the subjective and objective view points become one. As we Live this wholeness, the holy trinity of our Real Identity, we discover directly the reasons for our time in the world. Discovering the Child lights the holy flame and we come alive again, understanding our world from the heart of this divine Soul of ours. This is our Original Nature, the pure, pristine Self that sits right next to Reality. We all have this Soul, the holy Child within us. We can uncover it, and let it come fully alive, once again. You’ll know this is real, because your youthful, genuine vitality and freedom will return to you. It will feel familiar, honest, open. You’ll be fearless and in love with Life, once again. You’ll feel your bright and eager happiness bringing all you need to know. No more seeking, no longer struggling, bound by dogma or concepts, authorites or restrictions and limits – but set free to Live again, to love again, to shine your beautiful Light in our world. You’ll see this bountiful, beautiful spirit of wonder unfolding right here, right where you are