Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Holy Happiness

We have the Light of Understanding here, within our heart. Everyone of us Is this Living Light. When we know this, we listen to our heart and we do it our way. It is up to us to be happy or not happy. That’s a choice that is available to everyone. Happiness is not dependent on what we do or what we have. Happiness is within us. We find this Inner Light of our Self and we Live this fearless Love we are. We live our freedom of choice that is within us. We Live the way we want to. Our happiness is not dependent on the situations or circumstances in the world. Knowing our Real Identity, we are not subject to the controlling groups that imprison through fear and guilt. Those who have found this Inner Light are not interested in following any leaders, right or left. We are happy because we choose to be. We are the holy Child of Divine Intelligence. No one owns us, no one. We flow and move as one with this holy Presence, here, now, fresh, alive, living, always new. We thrive in the healthy wholeness of Spirit, as we Live this Inner Light. We see clearly what is Real and what is not. This Light is always here, steady and Real. Being happy, you are filled the Light that Lives as this Living holy Child of God.