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Summer Garden” by Sandy Jones

I’ve found, for me, the only way to navigate through the world is to follow my Heart. My Heart seems to be capable of an intelligence that is far more reliable, resilient and wise than my learned, logical, reasoning ever is. This receptive Heart intuits things that bring me peace, love and understanding. This receptive Heart has shown me the Divine Inversion of things. It’s the Preface to the tangible world, the narrow point where the Intangible Isness of Divine Mind manifests Itself into this time-space-world. Whatever has been said of this Divine Inversion sounds mystical and arcane until we listen to our own heart in the matter. Then it is, for each of us, sublimely simple-a strange excitement, bringing freedom and deep Joy. To understand Life through the Heart, seems to be the only authentic, livable, and honest discipline. Living in this world by Way of the Heart, we find ourself standing in the Preface, touching the Infinite Presence and It’s world of appearances; birth, death, time and things. As we open the Heart, we find this Sweet Mystery that comes with expansive insight and healing on its wings-and so much more. With the Heart receptive, we know what is Real and we know the perfect reasons for that which is Not Real. Here, in the Middle, we become fearless, seeing both sides at once, standing at the Third point, knowing God is This Infinite Totality of Life Itself and Is the Light and Life of All That Is.