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When the Child is finally found again, we are instructed and are constantly finding confirmation after confirmation that we are doing the correct thing–even doing things with no logical reason, for doing. Yet following this Inner Light of the Heart, running with the holy Child, listening to the Celestial Sounds, Flowing with Tao does not mean we are kept from tumbling down. The random chance of Life, is not random at all, but lies right here as Awareness, as the very Comprehending of this Universe as it is happening. That means that we are not subject to chance events, we can choose to see them as hurtful or fortuitous, good or bad, right or wrong. There is a possibility present wherein we may be the witness of perfect harmony functioning at all levels of human comprehension. Everything that happens is leading us back to the very Heart of our True Nature, the Sweet Bliss of being the beautiful Original Self, the holy Child we lost sight of so long ago. It is glorious to know we can Love whatever happens knowing it is always the right thing, one way or another – no matter what it seems. Life is the perfect orchestration leading us back to feel, know and live this Unbound Joy of being our Self. As the holy Child, we experience a dimension of mystical vision, the blue sky of wonder and joyful magic – all very clearly- and very joyfully so. I don’t see how Life could be more Holy and Perfect than this Living Presence of an ever-confirming miracle of Love.