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Songbird by Sandy Jones

This, this is It, this Life right here, is one sublime, inexplicable, experience of a Miracle. This Infinite Mind is doing what it does, moving the way it will. Love is knowing Itself as You and Me as Its own Totality. We are this Unbound Joy of God, arising out of the Infinite Presence of Omniscience. The existence of God knows Itself as this experience of You and Me. Our Self-knowing, our Identity is the poetry of Infinite Mind. Life is the movement and rest, the ebb and flow of the Living Presence of God. God is the Unseen, Unknowable All, knowing Itself as the Illimitable Awareness of this Identity-I-am and You are. One Self, experienced as You and Me. How extraordinary to be this undying Light Divine. And we are. This flame of Knowing brings peace and joy to my heart. We are the Splendor of this Light, immersed in the Living Presence of this holy place, touching the Beginning that has no end. The power of this Light is Everlasting Life. This is the Love we are. It moves all things. Now, having found this holy place, I have no interest in following the lost and fearful. I love this fearless freedom. It is the Love that moves the Soul and takes us into the endless, holy, unbound joy. We can find and know for ourself the holy wonders of this Ever-lasting ongoing Light we are – because we are – we are this Living Miracle of Life.