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“Strawberries” by Sandy Jones

Khalil Gibran said “Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.” For me too. When I returned to myself and opened my Heart to this Divine Presence of Life, this Presence gave Itself to me. When I found myself this holy, playful Joy with Life, everything becomes ever sweeter and easier to understand.When we are willing to Live, we can feel the holy Presence moving through us. Life and I have become intimate. We are embracing, moving together, inside each other, enveloped in love, lovers wed as one. This is the sweetest way to Live. To bare myself, to open my heart, to let my whole being fall into this Living Presence that is right here, always here – Life Itself. This is my happiness, my peace, my Joy and freedom. It’s right where I am. Stripped, raw, naked, exposed, vulnerable, with my heart wide open, I came alive. When I gave into this Presence of Life, Its bountiful beauty came flowing through me, lifting me, carrying me along with It. In childlike faith I immersed myself in the ever-ongoing, fresh, Living, holy waters of Life that pour over us. I was baptized in this miracle of my own existence. There is a playful enthusiasm that comes with this way of being. It is the Living Truth that fills the Heart with joyful expectations on this unfolding adventure of our most miraculous existence.