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“Ewe Know” by Sandy Jones

One day, awakened from a difficult situation, I found myself to be unbound and set free, alive, fresh, a new Self, but a familiar, dear and cherished Self, this Identity unharmed and unscathed by time. This Child I am Lives without ceasing. And Living now, from this heart of the holy Child that returned to me, it is crystal clear that I am to write from this fresh Living Joy that has found me. Write without opinion, without speculation or theory. Write it from the very Life I am, expressing the feelings of this Unbound Joy that has found me. One day it became so clear to me that God Is All. That was the final moment and I began to Live It. From that point I didn’t need one other thing, because this was It and the Allness rushed in to prove Itself. It is Here without ceasing. It is simple, childlike awareness, heart and intellect balanced, the two become one. As I live It, the proofs come by the hundreds that God is the whole of this awareness. There is no other awareness but God’s alone. There is no other Living that I can live but this Infinite Presence of Being, this Self-knowing Awareness. Returning to my Original Self, right here in the world, I know the place whereon I stand is holy ground and there is no other Place I can be.