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“Floral Abundance in Pink” by Sandy Jones

I am a lover of Freedom because Freedom is what God is. When we discover God is Freedom, and God is All That Is – we Live It and our whole world is set free. Liberated from the “old man-mistaken view” that keeps us locked into fear and false beliefs, others begin to find and Live their inherent Freedom too. Living God’s Presence as the Love we are, is Living without fear. Love is the Living Child of God – we are this holy Child, the Light of God. Knowing You exist, is God’s Knowing. There is no other Knowing here. God is not subject to matter and time. All matter is within this Infinite Mind of God, the Divine Mind being All That Is and all that you are. There is nothing to fear. No government, no ruler, dictator, pope or potentate or political ideology can change this Truth, this Reality. the Primary Principle, the foundation of all that is – God is this Living Truth. You are Living the Presence of God’s Being as the Identity You are. God’s Self-knowing is the Awareness Living as You and Me, the individual, sparkling Eternal ray of Infinite Light. We claim our True birthright, our divine heritage and Live as the holy Child, made in image and likeness of God. No one can take anything Real from you. The brave ones know the powerful action of this, they leap and Live It and when they do – It proves Itself to us by the very Living of It.